Friday, December 18, 2009

Family Holiday Accommodations

With office, stress and work load all through the year every one needs a break. We work hard to make our lives happy and what else can be more satisfying than a family holiday? Holidays with the family let us spend time with the ones we love and initiate bonding.

However holidays are little difficult to plan with little children because they need extreme care and attention. Child friendly hotels and villas are designed keeping in mind the needs of a family with kids. The idea behind such hotels are to let the older ones enjoy their holidays without any worries about the kids. Child friendly hotels have specially structured features to suit the children. They have specially designed high raised beds for the young ones. They take extreme care to keep the rooms adequately warm at all times.

Child Friendly villas also have a crèche service to take care of the children when the parents want a few hours of privacy. These hotels also conduct some short-term courses and camps for the children like painting, drawing and other art/craft works. They offer modern indoor game rooms filled with attractive Video games. Some of these child friendly Villas and hotels also have Tennis courts, heated pools and few other outdoor games.

They also organize High tea and buffet dinner with delicious children's menu. Child friendly villas offer a lot of luxuries for both the kids and parents thereby ensuring the ideal family holiday. Child friendly villas also have all baby necessities like sterilizers and hence you don’t have to travel with them. They also have round the clock medical assistance and cartoons and movies for the kids to enjoy. Some childfriendly hotels also stock the kid’s rooms with toys, comics, cookies and miniature bathrobes. All these luxuries ensure that the children have a good time and let the parents have a wholesome family holiday.


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